Civic Engagement Projects

Public Art, Banners or Signage Promoting Roxbury

Renovation or Improvement of Parks, Gardens and Playgrounds

Public Safety and Community Mobilization Projects

Oral History, Cultural Events, Art Exhibits and Performing Arts

Community Economic Development Projects 

Employment and Entrepreneurship Training

Neighborhood Business District Revitalization, such as marketing, business recruitment, façade improvements and scheduled maintenance

Adult Literacy and Numeracy

English Language Acquisition and Citizenship Training

Adult Education, such as GED or Diploma programs

Financial Literacy Training and Credit Counseling

Social Purpose Enterprises. Ventures that deliver a positive impact on society while providing an individual with earned income

Family Services Projects

Father-friendly forum

Parenting workshop for new moms

Parent-support projects

Youth Development Projects

Peer Mentoring program

Youth Leadership Council

* The Roxbury Trust Fund will also consider one-time requests for gap funding for projects that fall outside of these areas*